Foam Face Shield Instructions

Necessary Supplies:

Upholstery foam

Plastic sheeting

Non-sticky adhesive bandage


Double sided tape

Necessary tools:

Plastic alignment for attaching foam:

Helpful tools:

Corner Hole Punch
For rounding the bottom corners of the plastic sheet

Adhesive cutting machine


Step 1:
Cut upholstery foam into 22 cm long strips 
Step 2:
Apply double sided sticky tape to the narrow (2.5 cm wide) side of the foam

Step 3:
Align plastic sheets in aligner

Step 4:
Remove tape from double sided sticky tape

Step 5:
Align foam with the top of the sheet

Step 6:
Adhere foam to plastic sheet

Step 7:
Apply pressure to the foam using the roller

Step 8:
Cut several plastic sheets into 3cm x 5cm pieces

Step 9:
Cut the non-sticky adhesive bandage into  32 cm strips

Step 10: 
Make a sandwich between :
  1. The uncovered plastic sheet next to the foam
  2. The end of the adhesive bandage
  3. The 3cm x 5cm piece of plastic sheeting

Step 11:
Staple all three together with two staples.

Step 12: 
Repeat steps 10 and 11 on the second side.