Creality CR-10

Tuned by Costa 2020/04/01

  • Cad model For industrial 4-hole punch with 80mm spacing.
  • Cura project (Fastest print settings)
  • The model is located at the point X55 Y-54, turned 90 degrees, and is printed at speed 32mm/s with 1.0mm nozzle and 0.625mm layer thickness.
  • gcode (50 pieces at once. Part that pushes the prints off is commented as “;printing multiple masks code For auto-reset”)
  • video of it in action
  • operation video part I
  • operation video part II
  • production numbers:
  • Each piece is about 15g, printing about 4.5 pieces every hour.
  • One spool should last about 10-11 hours depending on the speed.
  • You should be able to print about 2 spools a day producing 100 or more prints.


Material Configuration


To produce multiple prints unattended, the printer has to be updated with a pusher made of steel.

The pusher should be about 36mm long from the middle of the holes to the bottom of the scraper. It is located about 45mm from the crossbeam mounting bracket. It can be screwed in place using standard 5mm screws and t-nuts.

In this case it is made of a furniture metal angle.

The faceshield headbands are printed on glass or on a fine layer of glue stick spread around with boiled water. The model should stick to the bed enough not to be warped during print, but still be removed by the pusher.

It is advisable to clamp a sheet of plastic between the glass and the aluminium bed in order to facilitate sliding of the printed parts into the clean box.

The pusher sequence has 2 moves:

  1. engages with the print
  2. tries to lift it off the table.

It is repeated on the headband twice lifting each side of it separately.

After that it just pushes the model off the bed. You need to have glass stickytaped to the aluminium, or otherwise the glass will slide too.