Ultimaker 3 and 5

From Garry Ellard

  • Cura Project
  • G-Code
  • Knock-off block
  • Optimised files for the Ultimaker S5 printer running with a AA0.8 print core. The first file is one that can be imported into Cura slicing software and will give you all the correct settings. The second gcode file can go straight on USB stick and to the printer (it's a set of 3). Print time is 18 minutes for an individual copy and 57 for a set of three.
  • This is manual unloading, no pusher required.


If you upload the profile into Cura and change your printer to an Ultimaker 3 with a AA0.8 (selecting - keep settings as and when prompted) it should get you most of the way to have the correct settings for running with an even faster print time.

If you have a dual extruder machine e.g. Ultimaker 3 or S5, stacking is the best option - print multiple copies of the design on top of each other in PETG/PLA, separated by PVA support. This will keep the machine busy for hours at a time and then you can just pull the copies apart.